airflow indicator

airflow indicator
расходомер воздуха

Englsh-Russian aviation and space dictionary. - M.: Military publishing house USSR Ministry of Defence. . 1974.

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  • airflow meter — /ˈɛəfloʊ mitə/ (say airfloh meetuh) noun Medicine a device which measures lung capacity, used as an indicator of respiratory function and thus as a measure of respiratory health, especially in the treatment of asthma …  

  • Turn and bank indicator — In aviation, the turn and bank indicator shows the rate of turn and the coordination (slip or skid) of the turn. The rate of turn is indicated from a rate gyroscopically and the coordination of the turn is shown by either a pendulum or a heavy… …   Wikipedia

  • Airspeed indicator — The airspeed indicator or airspeed gauge is an instrument used in an aircraft to display the craft s airspeed, typically in knots, to the pilot. Markings Light aircraft Airspeed indicator markings use a set of standardized colored bands and lines …   Wikipedia

  • yaw indicator — A device that measures the angular direction of the airflow relative to the longitudinal vertical plane of the aircraft. This may be accomplished by a balanced vane or by a differential pressure sensor that aligns the detector to the airflow and …   Aviation dictionary

  • air-speed indicator — An instrument to measure the speed of relative airflow. Pitot pressure (i.e., dynamic and static pressure) is taken into a capsule kept in an airtight case. Static pressure is fed into the case. The capsule is thus affected by dynamic pressure… …   Aviation dictionary

  • Durchflußmengenmesser — Luftströmungsanzeiger (m), Durchflußmengenmesser (m) eng airflow indicator, airflow meter …   Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz Glossar

  • Luftströmungsanzeiger — (m), Durchflußmengenmesser (m) eng airflow indicator, airflow meter …   Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz Glossar

  • расходомер для воздуха — rus расходомер (м) для воздуха eng airflow indicator, airflow meter fra débimètre (m) à air deu Luftströmungsanzeiger (m), Durchflußmengenmesser (m) spa debímetro (m) de aire …   Безопасность и гигиена труда. Перевод на английский, французский, немецкий, испанский языки

  • Stall (flight) — For other uses, see stall. In fluid dynamics, a stall is a reduction in the lift coefficient generated by a foil as angle of attack increases. This occurs when the critical angle of attack of the foil is exceeded. The critical angle of attack is… …   Wikipedia

  • Aileron — For the band, see The Ailerons …   Wikipedia

  • Ice protection system — Ice protection systems are designed to keep atmospheric ice from accumulating on aircraft flight surfaces while in flight. The effects of ice accretion on an aircraft can cause the shape of airfoils and flight control surfaces to change, which… …   Wikipedia

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